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Today is Mother's Day! Let the planting begin!

Easter lilies sprouting in EaganToday I noticed our lilies are starting to sprout. These are lilies we received (yes, even florists and gardeners get plants and flower arrangements as gifts) and then planted around our yard.

Trivia question: When do Easter lilies bloom?

Well, that's a bit of a trick question! Normally, lilies will bloom in mid-summer. The lily plants you see blooming at Easter have been forced to bloom at that time by exposing them to 1,000 hours (42 days) of moist cold temperatures and then warming them up to 60 - 70 F, causing them to sprout and then bloom. Once they sprout, it is about 40 - 45 days before they bloom, at least in our yard here in Eagan MN (between USDA hardiness zones 4 and 5)

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Care and Feeding of Your Arrangements

bouquets boxed for deliveryYour fresh arrangement has been prepped and fed to give you long-lasting enjoyment. Every arrangement we deliver was made to order with the freshest flowers possible. To keep your bouquet looking fresh longer, we've prepared a care and feeding guide for you.

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Flowers for St. Valentine

 Roses, lilies, hydrangea for Valentine'sWe are coming up on the 14th of February - a day set aside to observe love and devotion.

Since Valentine's Day is observed worldwide, this isn't just another Hallmark holiday. It is the second most celebrated holiday in the world (New Year's Day is #1). In fact, Valentine's Day goes back quite a ways - to the 5th century, when Pope Gelasius declared February 14th as a day to honor St. Valentine (A real person! Actually, there are several saints named Valentine - possibly as many as 11). keep reading ...

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Mae Flowers

MaeBoth of us had grandparents known for their gardens and we were blessed to get to know them. We hope we may have even inherited some of their passion. For them, gardening was much more than tending plants - it was a part of life. Their gardens allowed them to share their abundance with friends and neighbors, and were not just for their own enjoyment.

Mae Holm (Gayle's grandma), passed away last May, at the age of 103. Today would have been her 104th birthday. Grandma was the original namesake for Design n Bloom - we were Mae Flowers - but, it was suggested we choose a more descriptive name. keep reading ...

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Eagan Wedding Workshop 2012

Sara wanted tulips for her wedding bouquetIt's always more enjoyable when you get to know the people in your community. Eagan is a great community and there are some great local businesses, especially when it comes to wedding venues and vendors.

That's why we're excited to be participating in The Wedding Workshop, a local wedding fair being held at the Eagan Community Center on March 18 from 1 - 4 p.m.

You will be able to talk to over 30 different businesses that provide products and services for weddings - everyone from caterers to photographers to bakers to formal wear. There will even be a florist or 2 to check out.

Eagan Community Center is located at 1501 Central Parkway, near the Lockheed Martin campus just off Pilot Knob Road. Admission to The Wedding Workshop is only $2 and one of the prizes is $100 off your rental at Eagan Community Center. We'll be offering some specials, too, but you'll need to stop by to find out what they are!

I'm glad we'll be there, because we'll be able to meet some of the other businesses in Eagan that offer wedding services.


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