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Just Got Engaged? Congratulations! (You're not alone)

Rings and BouquetOn average, the time between an engagement and the wedding is about 15 months. It seems like a long ways off. Right? It's amazing how much gets left to the last minute, even with meticulous planners. With today's economy, more couples are trying to find ways to limit their wedding budget and you have every right to. You need to get educated very quickly on how to plan and budget successfully for your wedding.

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Flowers for St. Valentine

 Roses, lilies, hydrangea for Valentine'sWe are coming up on the 14th of February - a day set aside to observe love and devotion.

Since Valentine's Day is observed worldwide, this isn't just another Hallmark holiday. It is the second most celebrated holiday in the world (New Year's Day is #1). In fact, Valentine's Day goes back quite a ways - to the 5th century, when Pope Gelasius declared February 14th as a day to honor St. Valentine (A real person! Actually, there are several saints named Valentine - possibly as many as 11). keep reading ...

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Winter Wonderland

Winter textureThe southern suburbs of St. Paul/Minneapolis got 12-14" of fresh snow over the Christmas holidays, along with a little rain and sleet on Christmas Day, transforming our yards into new landscapes. I always enjoy looking at how a yard looks at different times of the year - how the light falls, what shapes are evident, what colors dominate and what activities are taking place. When you looked out your window this week, what did you see?
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