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Holiday and Seasonal Arrangements

Holiday Decorations

Holidays are some of the most aromatic times of the year - spices and fragrances that evoke memories, along with the colors that liven your decor. Decorating can range from a special arrangement to a complete transformation of your home or business. Share the holiday spirit with friends and family with a unique holiday floral arrangement, designed just for them.

  • Everyone likes to dress up for holidays and special occasions - we can help dress up your home or place of business
  • Combining both fresh plants and permanent botanicals, we can give a new look to one room of your home (or all of them), your lobby or boardroom, or outside the entrance of your building
  • We have different wardrobes for winter, spring, summer and fall - and homes and workplaces can benefit from a few wardrobe changes, too
  • Call us to have a holiday arrangement delivered, or contact us to schedule an on site consultation for a holiday makeover.


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Holiday Showcase - A visual sampling of some of our holiday decor

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