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Caring For Fresh Flower Arrangements

Take care of your fresh arrangementYou've just received a fresh flower arrangement from someone who cares - now, how do you take care of your flowers so you can enjoy them longer?

Flowers are perishable, just like lettuce or other greens, fruits and vegetables. All of the arrangements from Design n Bloom are made after they are ordered, using flowers we just purchased. This gives you the longest time to enjoy your arrangement. But, there are things you can do to keep them fresh longer.

The biggest factor in keeping your flowers fresh is the water. Cut flowers have been separated from their source of food and water. They get their food through the moisture they take up - so pay attention to the water!

The arrangement you receive may look like it is just sitting in water, but that's not all! The water in your vase also contains a preservative, plant food and an anti-bacterial compound. We also cut the stems using a very sharp blade, to make sure the flower gets all the nutrients and water it needs. All of these  work to keep your arrangement looking fresh for as long as possible.

What are the things you need to watch for? The main thing is to make sure the water stays clear. If the water starts to get cloudy, it's time to change it. Use warm water (80 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit), not cold water - cold water can put your flowers into shock.

Here are the main things to remember -

  • Keep your arrangement away from drafts
  • Keep your arrangement cool and out of direct sunlight
  • Make sure your arrangement has the water it needs
  • Your arrangement also needs food - those little packets of food are just right. If you don't have any flower food, just use fresh water.

Here are some additonal tips, for when you are going to completely change the water

  • Clean the vase before adding the flowers and water back in
  • Recut the stems of the flowers, using a very sharp scissors or knife. If the stem starts to crush before it cuts, your blade isn't sharp enough.
  • Make sure no leaves are below the water after recutting.
  • The stems should be cut at an angle, for best water absorption

We used to cut all our stems under water - like they told us in floristry school. Now, the new floral designers are being taught to not cut under water. So - you don't need to, either! (And, we've learned something new)


Last modified on 2016/6/11 by Steve

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