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Just Get Engaged? Congratulations! (You're not alone)

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Rings and BouquetAbout 15% of all engagements happen in December and somewhere in the neighborhood of 25% of all proposals happen between Thanksgiving and New Year's. And that's just the ones that said "Yes". For most of you, this will be the first time you'll go through this and you're not quite sure of all that goes into planning a wedding. Most of the decisions you make are only made as part of this planning and there is nothing else like it. Ordering flowers for your mother/wife-to-be/girlfriend for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day is a simple affair compared to coordinating flowers for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

If you're like everyone else that just got engaged, your wedding is about 14 months from now, so you think you'll have plenty of time. Right? It's amazing how much gets left to the last minute, even with meticulous planners. With today's economy, more couples are trying to find ways to limit their wedding budget and you have every right to. You need to get educated very quickly on how to plan and budget successfully for your wedding. We can help, at least with the floral planning, budgeting and preparation. Start by completing a wedding consultation form and we will review your floral plans and budget with you, so you can relax and enjoy the day.

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