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Our Yard


Our yard continually evolves - we try new things, we cooperate with its environment, and we enjoy what it has to offer.

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SE Minneapolis

Patio - another view

Sometimes our yards just get away from us and need more attention we can give them - but a little concentrated attention can get them back in order in no time.

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Backyard - Apple Valley

Backyard - Apple Valley

This backyard is surrounded by trees and had a large step-off from the new patio

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St. Paul Foundation Plantings

St. Paul Foundation Plantings

The foundation planting needed color and structure - the areas face south and west, but only gets brief periods of sunlight because of the mature trees surrounding this St. Paul backyard

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Survey Notes

Lots of empty spaces that needed splashes of color

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Complete Site Makeover - Eagan

Mid Summer

This evolved over several years from wide open to pockets of sanctuary

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St. Paul Backyard

Patio relocated

A small backyard in full sun with a view of the alley above - nothing but potential!

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West St. Paul Side Yard

The new walkway to the back is being set

A large maple and pine were making the lawn pretty sparse and there was a drainage problem along the foundation.

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Bloomington Backyard

East Fence - Before

A very long perimeter bed that needed some revitalization, a progression of color through the season and some curves to soften the view.

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Woodbury Front Courtyard

View from the driveway - before

This west-facing courtyard gets lots of sun and is surrounded by lots of stone and brick. Also - drainage was a challenge

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Woodbury Entrance


The original foundation planting needed some new plants and some color to brighten this east-facing entrance

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More Projects

Survey Report

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Dangling tree branch

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Evergreens at sunset

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