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Today is Mother's Day! Let the planting begin!

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Easter lilies sprouting in EaganToday I noticed our lilies are starting to sprout. These are lilies we received (yes, even florists and gardeners get plants and flower arrangements as gifts) and then planted around our yard.

Trivia question: When do Easter lilies bloom?

Well, that's a bit of a trick question! Normally, lilies will bloom in mid-summer. The lily plants you see blooming at Easter have been forced to bloom at that time by exposing them to 1,000 hours (42 days) of moist cold temperatures and then warming them up to 60 - 70 F, causing them to sprout and then bloom. Once they sprout, it is about 40 - 45 days before they bloom, at least in our yard here in Eagan MN (between USDA hardiness zones 4 and 5)

Since Mother's Day is today, you're pretty safe starting to put plants out for the summer. I've been checking the ground temparture and most of our yard has reached the 50's a few weeks ago. Then, we got snow. Twice. Putting in live plants, rather than seeds or bulbs, has been a bit hazardous until now. Trees and shrubs are starting to leaf out and some of the perennials are starting to sprout - encouraging signs.

So, back to the Easter lilies. If you haven't completely neglected them and they still show signs of life - take them outside and find a spot to plant them, like we have. You won't get any more blooms out of them this year, but they will establish themselves and reward you with new blooms every summer from now on.

Easter lilies blooming in Eagn


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