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MaeBoth of us had grandparents known for their gardens and we were blessed to get to know them. We hope we may have even inherited some of their passion. For them, gardening was much more than tending plants - it was a part of life. Their gardens allowed them to share their abundance with friends and neighbors, and were not just for their own enjoyment.

Mae Holm (Gayle's grandma), passed away last May, at the age of 103. Today would have been her 104th birthday. Grandma was the original namesake for Design n Bloom - we were Mae Flowers - but, it was suggested we choose a more descriptive name. There was already a moving company and several other businesses with the same, or similar sounding, names. So, we registered as Design n Bloom in 2001.

Life was different for our grandparents - their homes and yards were integral parts of their survival. They produced rather than consumed. Everything contributed to their existence, or assisted someone else with theirs. Nothing went to waste. We think they had it right and want to do the same.

Gayle didn't inherit her grandmother's ability to can or pickle the produce from the garden, but she has never forgotten the beauty of the flowers. That is what she strives to share with you.

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