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Ordering a special flower arrangement was never so easy!
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About Design n Bloom

Gayle and SteveWe were born almost 1,000 miles apart - Gayle in Fargo, ND and Steve in Detroit, MI. Our families relocated to St. Paul, MN and that is where our paths first crossed.

Steve's next door neighbors belonged to the same church as Gayle's family, so one summer, Steve and a brother and sister attended Vacation Bible School there - and Gayle was there, too. It wasn't until almost 15 years later, Steve started working at the same restaurant as Gayle (Steak & Ale in Roseville, MN), only to meet Gayle again and to find out their mothers sat next to each other at their jobs at the bank. We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in 2016 and somewhere in those 30 years, between raising a family, several job changes and open heart surgery for Gayle, we both reconnected with our love for the outdoors, gardens and flowers. In 2001, Design n Bloom was officially launched.

After Gayle's surgery, we moved our family from White Bear Lake to Eagan - we had outgrown our house and needed the change. We weren't looking to move to Eagan, but after viewing over 50 other homes, we found one we loved near some friends. It was there we really started to get serious about flowers - the previous owner had built an attached greenhouse, which allowed us to really do some fun stuff! Of course, the yard needed a major makeover, which it got, and Gayle started to  become known for her floral arrangements.

After we moved to Eagan, Gayle started working at Kincaid's Fish, Chop & Steak House in St. Paul, where she met Troy - another person who shared our passion for florals and decor. From there, things just started to fall into place - we've provided seasonal decor for homes, restaurants and businesses, we've transformed yards into personal sanctuaries, provided general labor to maintain yards and landscapes, we've created wedding flowers for over 200 couples, and we've helped people celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, new homes, new babies, and the lives of special people.

Even after all this, we know it's not about us, it's about you - your life, your vision. And that's what you get - the real thing. Tell us your story and we'll create just what you're looking for.

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