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Yes, Brown is a Color!

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A wedding from a few years back, with a brown wedding cakeA lot of the images I've posted lately are rather brown - spring landscapes tend to be monochromatic until things warm up a bit. It's like looking at a sepia print of the landscape. But, despite the seeming lack of color, brown can be a very striking color. In many recent weddings, brown is coming to the forefront of the color selections. When the picture at the left was taken, wedding cakes were still quite traditionally white, but we elected to have ours made with a chocolate buttercream (man was that good cake!). Brown doesn't have to mean drab - used boldly, it is quite stunning.

When selecting colors for your wedding, be open to the entire color spectrum and don't be afraid if your favorite color isn't 'in' this season. Remember, this is your day and it should reflect your personalities. As florists, we have lots of options at our disposal and we can complement your color choices and style. While nature has its own ideas about color variations and exact matches can be rather difficult, colors like brown lend themselves to all kinds of possibilities for flower selections.

Bridesmaids with brown dresses

A rich, dark brown is a fantastic backdrop for any flower - just like the soil of a well-maintained garden is home to a myriad of plants. Soft tans and beiges also provide a neutral palette and background for all types of blooms. While browns are often associated with spring or fall, they can fit quite easily into any style of wedding at any time of the year.

Do you think you have a color choice that just won't match with anything else? We'll accept that challenge and delight you with the possibilities - just give us a call!

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